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Melissa & Mandy


LotusLily Couture is a unique clothing line designed for our furry companions,

most of which is created with custom designer fabrics and vintage textiles collected from around the world. We manufacture our own one of a kind upcycled products in our studio

located in southern California, with the help of full time staff.

Find out what brought these two woman together to create the 

luxury brand LotusLily Couture... and why.


My name is Mandy Levin and I am the  co- creator and co- founder of Lotuslily Couture. I am a Healer first and foremost, and I have dedicated my life to the art of nurturing and healing all life, be it human, animal, or plant. I am a practi tioner of Massage Therapy and Reiki professionally for many years, a lover of dogs and all animals, a huge animal activist,  and an avid gardener. 


Lotuslily was inspired by the love and support of my angel and beloved companion puppy, Lily, my 5 pound toy pomeranian,  who came to me as an absolutely adorable gift at a time when I myself was in great need of the healing and nurturing support that only an animal can provide. In turn, I wanted to provide only the best for her, including all the love in the world,  shelter, the best natural food, and of course, high fashion, as every princess should have!!! But not any couture would do for my posh puppy. I, being a healer of the Earth as well, required a certain level of quality.  I required sustainability. I went online and searched for such a dress and found NOTHING that fit my needs. So, I decided then and there to make my own. 


I had absolutely no background in garment making and I couldn't do it by myself. So I set out to find a like minded person to be a partner on this adventure and journey with me. Someone who,  like mysef, had the philosophy in life of Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose everything that we could. 


I searched high and wide,  and that's when then universe brought me Melissa Simpson! We are 2 peas in a pod! We both garden vegetables for food, conserve water and resources,  recycle,  LOVE animals and support adoptions and pet rescues, upcycle and buy used clothing! We couldn't be more on the same page ideally,  morally, and spiritually. I couldn't have asked for a better partner ever! Together we have created a concept and a company that not only designs and creates amazing, quality, chic, couture fashion for our precious doggies, but helps to save the planet at the same time! What could be better than that?

Melissa Simpson is the owner & designer at THE BLANK STUDIO where she cultivates a socially ethical approach to fashion by utilizing recycled materials to create one-of-a-kind 'wearable art' with a sophisticated eye for textile collage and urban resilience.

At THE BLANK STUDIO, Melissa creates a unique product of  hand dyed fabrics, silk screened with delicate yet edgy graphic images, then embellished with antique textiles, vintage laces and trims which have been gathered from around the world for the past two decades. The style in which these appliques are hand stitched and embroidered are a signature the designer uses for a couture texture appeal. Carefully placed hand-selected 'Swarovski crystals' complete these one of a kind enchanted designs. 

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